Monday, 14 May 2012

When Exactly Should You Change Your Brakes?

Car brakes are essential for the safety of your driving. They are the key to proper response during heavy motorway traffic when you must have high response reflexes and a car that complies with them in order to control it better and therefore avoid different types of accidents.

But, in time car brakes wear out and this might occur to you only when you depend on them the most.

If you do not properly monitor the efficiency rate of your car brakes, then you might face higher repair and maintenance costs or worse, complete failure and a high possibility of an accident.

But if you properly monitor the performance level of your brakes you will be able to save the money needed for proper car maintenance as well as avoid a minor or major accident.

Some Tips On How To Monitor Your Car Brakes

Here are a couple of the most important tips on how you can better monitor whether or not your brakes are functioning properly and whether you should change them by seeking the services of a specialized company.

The most relevant observation one can make regarding the fact that you might need specialized assistance to restore the proper function of your brakes is the noise that they make. If you distinguish a high pitched screech when you are putting the brakes into action, then this might mean that the brake pads have worn out.

In some cases, the indicator of the brakes might begin to gather rust and fall out. This means that the when the brakes begin to wear out you will not hear any noise. In this case, a possible sign that the brakes have begun to worn out is that you require longer periods of time to stop your car when you apply the brake and the brake pedal needs to be pushed further for the car to respond. In these circumstances we advise that you perform a check up on your stoppers.

The replacement need of the brake rotors is a bit trickier to identify, as they can accommodate a couple of pads sets before they begin to actually wear down. The most relevant sign regarding rotor replacement in brakes is the fact that the steering wheel begins to tremble when you apply the brake.

Some mechanics might suggest to “turn” the rotors or to scrape off some of the metal in order to smooth them again. This tactic was somewhat efficient with older bulkier models, but newer models have slender rotors to improve fuel consumption. We advise that if you have the financial possibility, then you should replace the rotors.

Improve Your Braking System

If you find that you are replacing brakes or certain parts of your brakes too frequently you might want to consider a couple of upgrade possibilities. The simplest upgrade option is to follow manufacturer or service provider’s recommendations. You might want to implement a couple of more cost friendly options at first. Here are some options:

· For frequent rotor replacements you can change your brake system to a slotted version.

· For frequent brake pads changes a possible upgrade is ceramic pads.

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